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We Share Our Rewards

And Develop Software For The Community

Hello, I am Nadiem and I run this pool with my cats Lucy and Jamie. Together we are running a staking pool to help Cardano become more decentralized.


Our goal is to share part of the operations returns with our stakeholders. Making it extra lucrative to stake with us. Apart for that, we are a proud member of F2LB where we develop software to help starting pool operators.

​We have just been interviewed by STAYK your can read it HERE

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This Is James The Brother Of Lucy. 

He is the older brother and a core member of the team. He is extremly good at monitoring the pool. He is also very proficiant in Java and has some basic front-end development skillz ;)

This the first podcast of F2LB. It is an introduction for all that want to know more about the small pool community.

When James finishes the F2LB site we will do another podcast.

F2LB First PodcastF2LB members: Lucy Pool, Stayk, AdaHolic
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About The Human

Hi, I am Nadiem a software developer from the Netherlands. I am the operator of the Lucy Pool. The name Lucy comes from one of my cats (the white one).

I became interested in Cardano after watching the whiteboard video from Charles 2017. Since then we have been following the Cardano Project. AT At the beginning of this year, we started contributing by hosting a Stake pool named LUCY.

Early in 2021 we were involved in creation of F2LB. This is a group that help small pools. Lucy is an active member and tries to help all that need it. So by supporting us you indirectly help starting pools all around the world. Isn't that great!

BTW the cats have their own Instagram I know that they would love it for you guys the follow them.


Here is the link to the BEST INSTA EVER 


First Podcast of F2LB

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